With Youkey, great image quality is just the beginning!

  • Software for 3 Systems

    Software for 3 Systems

    We have new improved software released. iOS and Android search "SonoiQ" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SonoiQ.uhandprobe

  • detachable transducer

    detachable transducer

    wireless ultrasound system support all types of detachable probe heads

  • Multiple Platform

    Multiple Platform

    wireless ultrasound system support Android tablet or smart phone, Windows PC, IPhone and IPAD

  • Super Small Slim

    Super Small Slim

    wireless ultrasound system just 220g, size :160mm*55mm*20mm

  • Affordable


    wireless ultrasound system support B, M, 2B, THI, Color, Power, PW Mode

  • high resolution

    high resolution

    The wireless ultrasound system battery can support continuing working for 6-8 hours. Super Low-Power Solution ≤2W